Pavilion has been created to take advantage of — and highlight — all that makes living in downtown Halifax a lifestyle to be envied

March 26, 2015

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March 21, 2015
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Imagine the Public Gardens was your front yard. And your ‘basement?’ — a street-level collection of the what will be the finest retail Halifax has to offer. In between? Four levels comprising the most modern fitness and wellness facility available, including a floating running track and swimming pool. Oh, and across your street is Citadel Hill.
Welcome to Pavilion.
Named for the Pavilion gates at the entrance to the Public Gardens, this 13-storey Southwest Properties development is combining smart growth, new urbanism strategies and green building practices to change the built landscape of South Park Street.
Haligonians know this corner of Bell and South Park well, the former home of both the YMCA and the CBC Building. Pavilion developers, designers and decorators were inspired by this history in the creation of the luxury condominium project.
Bruce Norman, of Norman Flynn Designs, explains the vision behind the interior, which can be viewed at the condominium presentation centre, now open in the former CBC space.
“The overall design was inspired by the CBC building itself, paying tribute to the Art Deco architecture of the building,” explains Norman.
The building was originally designed local architect Syndey Perry Dumaresq for Fred Manning in the 1930s, a Nova Scotia businessman who built a chain of gas stations and car dealerships during the 1920s and 30s. Originally a car dealership, gas station and Manning’s head office, the building was designed in the “Streamline Moderne-style,” a 1930s variation of Art Deco known for its elegant curves. by w4l3XzY3
In 1944, the CBC moved into the building and it became a downtown landmark. CBC stayed in that building until 2014, when the corporation sold it as part of plans to consolidate television and radio in a new facility on Chebucto Road in west-end Halifax.
“In the design of the presentation suites we even went as far as reusing and retrofitting some of the original interior staircase railings,” continues Norman. “It looks to me that the architect (Page + Steele Architects) also references this style when designing the exterior of the building, with its strong horizontal lines and curves.”
Pavilion has been created to take advantage of — and highlight — all that makes living in downtown Halifax a lifestyle to be envied.
Residents will be able to relax or entertain friends on the sixth-floor garden terrace and lounge overlooking the16 acres of the Halifax Public Gardens. A 24-hour lobby concierge, interior parking (featuring a car wash facility, pet spa station and bicycle stalls) and an open, street-level court yard to encourage social engagement and gathering in the heart of the city is in the works.
Pavilion will also be home to the new, 70,000 square foot, four-floor YMCA Centre of Community featuring the finest aquatic facilities, running track, gym and fitness areas.
This development is helping to usher in Halifax’s newest era — one of a vibrant urban core with sustainable elements and planned spaces. Living here will offer building efficiency, walkability and a balanced combination of residential, retail and recreational living.
I think these days, more than ever before, we can appreciate the dream of not needing to be car-dependant!
Pavilion will offer incomparable interior design and suite plans, with outstanding garden and city views. Condo interiors will be comfortable, contemporary, and elegant — the essence of the streamline modern esthetic, with simple lines and an open flow and large windows framing perfect views.
The presentation centre is open for viewing, located on the main floor of the existing CBC building. The main reception area, designed by Norman, speaks to the art deco influence with its grand columns, fireplace, and an impressive blue glass port hole ceiling detail from which hangs a grand chandelier.
“I plan to carry hints of the timeless theme over into the main lobby of the new building and even hope to re-salvage some of the original wood panelling of the existing CBC building in some of the design details,” says Norman.
“This development will raise the bar for downtown Halifax living. Thanks to Southwest Properties , this landmark location will continue to live on — only with a fresh new marker, one which I’m sure Fred Manning would have approved.”
The Presentation Centre is open weekends from noon – 5:00 pm
and weekdays 9:00 a.m. until 5 p.m. at 1601 South Park Street.


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